I love cholate and cats and lots of other stuff like frogs, horses, woollen socks and good conversation.

Many of my favorite places on this planet start with the letter S. There is:

Suomi (Finland in finnish), Swaziland (a tiny country next to South Africa), Switzerland (you all know that), Stockholm (capital of Sweden)

and my newest acquaintance Slovenia. Italy is the exception that proves the rule.

I don't like onions and people being nasty or cruel to each other or to animals.

Hi there!


I'm Suvi. I'm a cat owner (or servant) and a wife on my early-thirties.

I have been photographing since I was nine years old. That's when I got my first very own camera. It was just a pocket camera but it ment a whole new world to me. Although I started photographing as a child it took me years until I realised that photographing is what I have been meant to do.

I'm the founder of Suvi Helmi Photography.  As I told my first name is Suvi. My middle name is Helmi and together my two first names forms the name for my business. Suvi is an old finnish word meaning summer. It's not commonly used but most of the finnish speaking people know the meaning. Helmi in the other hand is a common word meaning a bead or a pearl. So if you want to translate the name in english it could be Summer Pearl Photography. 

I love storytelling and capturing precious moments. Documentary photography is my personal favorite but I also do love portrait sessions. Portrait session with me could mean going for a little walk together, having a cup of tea in a cafe or rolling on a grass in a park. What ever reflects your personality. Photographing all you beautiful people with your loved ones is my passion and I want to show who you are.




For me our own wedding day has been one of the greatest days in my life. Memories from that day are precious and through photos me and my husband can live the day again whenever we want.

As your wedding photographer I love to spend the whole day with you from morning preparations till night. I offer shorter wedding collections as well and portrait sessions are available also. Capturing those valuable moments, smiles, kisses and tears of joy is a privilege to me.


I'm based in southern Finland and available worldwide for destination weddings. If you are travelling in Finland before or after your wedding please feel free to contact me. I would love to shoot your engagement, pre-wedding or honeymoon photo session.


Because of my passion to documentary photography I also offer documentary family photography. Beauty of day-to-day life is mesmerizing and I also like to get to know new people and hang with them. So if you live in Southern Finland or are here for a holiday and want to really remember what your family is about drop me a line. I promise there will be smiles and laughter alongside some grumpy faces and maybe even tears and all the other things that are a part of this thing called life.

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